Welcome to Studio 1021 Art, the art studio and gallery of Knox Farrand.  www.knoxfarrand.com

Located on Broadway in Long Beach, California and blocks from the Pacific Ocean, The Long Beach Museum of Art, The Museum of Latin American Art and The Art Exchange (ARTX).  Studio 1021 Art is dedicated to cultivating creativity, artistic growth and artistic expression within our community.  Workshops and private instruction are offered weekly. 

Featured Artist:

Armin Hansen (1886–1957), a native of San Francisco, was a prominent American painter of the en plein air school, best known for his marine canvases.  Hansen studied at the California School of Design in the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art (now the San Francisco Art Institute) and in Europe. He achieved international recognition for his scenes depicting men and the sea off the northern coast of California.


Workshops are held 'every' Wednesday night from 6-9pm and 'every' Friday morning from 9am-noon.  Cost is $20 ($15 students). 

Upcoming workshops . . .